Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik / Center for Art and Urbanistics - ZK/U

Berlin, Germany

Rodman Hall Art Centre

What will be durable enough to survive us
Collaborative solo exhibition
Curated by Carina Magazzeni
St. Catherines, ON
January-March, 2019

Vermont Studio Centre - Fellowship

Johnson, Vermont
Autumn 2018


Art & Social Strata Conference + Artist Projects

Hamilton, ON
March 23-25, 2018

Can Serrat

Barcelona, Spain
Spring 2018

Thames Art Gallery

contact landing(s)
group exhibition
Curated by Ellyn Walker
Chatham, ON

Agnes Etherington Art Centre

a form of formlessness
Collaborative solo exhibition
Kingston, ON
Aug-Dec 2017

Icelandic Association of Artists

Reykjavik, Iceland
Dec 2017

Wayne State University

Deadbeats and Dark Matter: Arts Labour and Productive Forms of Refusal
North American Labor History Conference
Detroit, MI
Nov 2017

Universities Art Association of Canada

Giving the Moon Back to Itself: Critical Reflections on Planetary Crises Universities Art Association of Canada Conference (UAAC)
Banff, AB
Oct 2017

Dalhousie University

Smile, honey, what's the matter with you?: Capitalism, women's oppression, and the power to struggle against it
Halifax, NS
Oct 2017